There is 1.4 ounces of juice in 7 in3 of tangerines. If you have a sack of tangerines which each have a diameter of 2 inches, approximately how many tangerines do you need to make a 7 ounce glass of juice? (round to nearest whole number)Please help someone! >-<

Accepted Solution

8 tangerines are requiredStep-by-step explanation:         1.4 ounces of juice requires [tex]7\text{ }in^{3}[/tex] of tangerines. Tangerines have a diameter of [tex]2\text{ }in[/tex].        We need to make a 7 ounce glass of juice. So by simple calculation, we can infer that we need [tex]\frac{7}{1.4}\times 7=35\text{ }in^{3}[/tex] of tangerines.        [tex]\text{Volume of tangerines required = (Number of tangerines)}\times \text{(Volume of each tangerine)}[/tex]        Volume of each tangerine = [tex]\frac{\pi d^{3}}{6}=\frac{\pi (2)^{3}}{6} =\frac{4\pi }{3}\text{ }in^{3}[/tex]        Number of tangerines required = [tex]\dfrac{\text{Volume of tangerines required}}{\text{Volume of each tangerine}}=\dfrac{35}{\frac{4\pi}{3}}=\dfrac{105}{4\pi}=8.355[/tex]∴ We require 8 tangerines