Steve uses an app that shows him how many kilometers he has run to prepare for a marathon. The app said he ran 6.436 kilometers. He wants to post online how many miles he ran. Steve ran ___ miles. (1 mile = 1.609 kilometers) (3 points)

Accepted Solution

Steve ran 4 miles.Step-by-step explanation:Given, Distance = 6.436 kilometersAccording to given statement;1 mile = 1.609 kilometersTherefore, Distance in miles = [tex]\frac{Distance\ in\ kilometers}{1.609}[/tex][tex]Distance in miles =\frac{6.436}{1.609}\\Distance = 4\ Miles[/tex]Steve ran 4 miles.Keywords: Distance, Division.Learn more about division at:brainly.com/question/6069822brainly.com/question/6073431#LearnwithBrainly