Sam looked at two points that were graphed on a vertical number line. He saw the points βˆ’2 and 1.5. He wrote the following description:"I am looking at a vertical number line that shows the location of two specific points. The first point is a negative number, so it is below zero. The second point is a positive number, so it is above zero. The negative number is βˆ’2. The positive number is 1/2 unit more than the negative number."Determine if you agree or disagree with the representation. Then, defend your stance by citing specific details in your writing.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct statement would be: The positive number is 1/2 unit less than the opposite of the negative number.Step-by-step explanation:All stamemts are true except for the last one:The positive number is 1/2 unit more than the negative number.We can see in the plot that 1.5 is above zero and -2 is below zero.So, -2<1.5The opposite number of -2 is 2 and we can see that opposite number is 1/2 greater than 1.5. So, -2<1.5<2