I have no idea what the answer is too this. It is geometry if you didn't know already. I'm really struggling here. If anybody could help me out with the answer that would be great

Accepted Solution

Answer:33.68Step-by-step explanation:The two y values coming from I are equal.The two x values coming from K are equal.That's because tangents to a circle from the same external point are equal.5x + 1 = 6x - 3              Add  3 to both sides5x + 1 + 3 = 6x -3+3     Combine5x + 4 = 6x                   Subtract 5x from both sides.5x-5x+4=6x- 5x            Combine4 = x===================y + 10 = 4y + 2               Subtract y from both sidesy-y+10=4y-y+2               Combine10 = 3y + 2                      Subtract 2 from both sides10-2=3y+2-2                   combine8 = 3y                              Divide by 38/3 = yy = 2.67====================Now you just put x and y into the parts that make up IK.IK should come out to 33.68