How do you make a box and whisker plot? THAHK YOU

Accepted Solution

Answer:First, order all of the data that you have from smallest to largest.Then, from the data, you want to find the median, the quartiles, the maximum (highest value) and the minimum (smallest value)To find the quartiles:cut the data into quarters; then find the lower quartile (q1), middle quartile (median, q2), and the upper quartile (q3)If the cuts are between 2 numbers, find the average of those numbersex.2, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ^ ^ ^ q1 q2 q3Next, you would create a number line, the highest number on there being your maximum and the lowest your minimum, plotting the numbers in between (whether or not they were in your value set.)Create a dot above the plot point of your upper and lower quartile, as well as your median.Then, you are going to turn those dots into vertical lines and connect them all in a sort of square/rectangle separated into two pieces (each side doesn't have to be equal.)As you did with your quartiles, create dots above your maximum and minimum.Instead of creating rectangles and connecting them as done before, you should create a line that connects to the middle of the sides of the square/rectangle you created before.To get a proper idea of what one should look like, google 'box and whisker plot example'