How do I do this and what’s the answer

Accepted Solution

Answer:its asking you what the slope of the line is (rise/run) and for the point at which the line crosses the y axis (verticle line)Step-by-step explanation:When finding the slope you count the number of units up and the number of units across. This would be -1/1 or -1 because the graph shows a scale of 100, and the slope is going down 100, and across 100. this makes the slope negative since it's going downwards. so the slope would be -100/100 which would simplify to -1.the y-intercept is where the line crosses the y axis. if this point is below the x-axis, then the y-intercept would be negative. in this problem however, the line crosses the y-axis at the origin (0,0) so your equation would be y=1x+0, but simplified it would be y=x (the one isnt used because there is a single x value and the +0 is gone because it holds no value)