find the total cost if Tools Plus company makes 330 drills? need help asap​

Accepted Solution

Each drill takes $44 in materials and $36 in labor.  So it costs the company ($44+$36)= $80 to MAKE one drill.  THEN they're ready to sell it.  At the same time, the company has to pay $4,000 just to use the building to make the drills.I can see at least two different questions here:Question #1). How much does it cost the company if they MAKE 330 drills in one month ?Materials and labor:  330 x ($80)  =  $26,400Rent the building space:  $4,000Total for the month:  $30,400Question #2).  How many drills do they have to SELL just to pay back the amount they already spent to manufacture those drills ?We can't answer that right now, because we don't know the PRICE they charge for each drill when somebody buys it.