A test score of 64 is worse than a test score of 65, and a test score of 65 is worse than a test score of 67 1/2.Write an inequality that relates the rational numbers.

Accepted Solution

Answer: 64 < 65 <67 1/2Step-by-step explanation:In this case we can write down a inequality that makes a relation between this numbers. A inequality (< or >) is a relation between two equations, but unlike the equality (=) which shows that the two side are equal, the inequality express that one is bigger or less that the other half.By using a number line we can see how this test score can be written down on a inequality, for this see the attached graph.A know is bigger than another if it is more on the right (closer to infinity) than another number. While if it is on the left (closer to zero) is smaller.With the graph we can know the inequality will be:64 < 65 <67 1/2